Month: January 2021

How To Think Clearly By Writing

Humans write to persuade, inform, tell stories, and change history. Writing is more impactful than ever with vast and instant distribution. On the internet (or before the internet), one person’s writing can change the trajectory of the world. I’m writing more in 2021 because it will clarify my thoughts. I want to think better so I can do better and be better. It’s also fun to look back on what I’ve previously written.

How To Think From First Principles – Like Elon Musk

First principles thinking allows you to think clearly and think for yourself. By definition, a first principle is a basic thought that cannot be reduced further. You can learn how to incorporate this into your thinking tool kit and I will show you three ways to start. In my (current) opinion, on the journey to “think better, do better, be better” understanding reasoning from first principles is step number one.

Hey World – Think For Yourself And Think Different

Do you hear that? That’s your mind. It never shuts up, does it. I’ve blogged about my thoughts in the past and think that the time has come again to put them out into the universe. There’s no one listening yet but I’m doing this for me. I want to write to help clarify my thoughts on various topics.