About Matt


I am Matt Holland.

I go by Matt, but my mum will always call me Matthew. Sometimes my British background gets the better of me and I end up talking with a slight accent or spelling funny. I'm currently enjoying creating content about how to think better, do better, and be better.

I believe that all progress starts in the mind and that thinking better is step one to do better and ultimately be a better person. With that in mind I'm on a journey to create interesting and informative content that challenges you (and me) to think better.


I create informative content.

I'm writing and creating to improve my thinking and hope to help you in the process. I'd like to challenge you to think differently and think for yourself through my content. You can find my writing here in my blog or videos here on my YouTube channel. I'm excited to see how my writing and videos improve as I do the work.

This website and content is the brain child of spending 2020 reflecting on what I'd like to focus on doing more of moving forward. I enjoy learning about the mind and want to teach you what I discover. I am by no means an expert and you should do your own research too, but the idea is you'll learn something new.


Canada is my home.

Canada is where I currently live and I couldn't be more privileged to call it home. I was born in England where my family lived for one year and apparently I might have mad cow (can't donate blood). From there my family moved to Netherlands for a few years. Netherlands is a fun country.

After that it was off to Kenya where I have fond memories of nature and think my interest in wildlife formed there. It was then back to Netherlands for a few years and then finally to Canada. I'm a Canadian citizen now and enjoy this place I call home.


I plan on making an impact.

I dream of a world where we understand our minds and use that information to think better. This is subjective but to me it means being self-aware of our actions and their consequences while striving to improve ourselves. I think that our reality and potential is limited by our capacity to think well.

There's a lot of mindless thinking and action in the world today and I'd like to see more deliberate positive action. I hope to make this impact by creating informative and interesting content while continuing to share what I learn. After all, I've got more to learn than there is time available.

Thanks for checking in, I appreciate you. Reach out and say hi!

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