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The Information Advantage – A Mental Model To Get Ahead (Part 1)
My thoughts about information and how I think about it as a mental model. This is part one of a two part series where I’m exploring the topic. Having better, faster, newer, and more accurate information gives the receiver an advantage. As a competitive species we’re all looking for an edge. It’s the selfish nature of our genes that drives this competition to survive and thrive. When we are able to look at information objectively I think we discover knowledge. Information turns into knowledge and knowledge creates power. Power is having a relative advantage.
Stoicism: Explained! An Overview On The Way Of Life
I stumbled across the Stoic philosophy going down various internet rabbit holes several years ago. The concept, philosophy, way of life, school of thought, or however else you choose to look at Stoicism, has positively impacted my life and so I wanted to share it. I wouldn’t consider myself a Stoic but I apply certain principles, especially related to mindset, on a daily basis. It provides a framework to influence my perspectives and internal state of mind.
My 10 Guiding Principles (For Personal Decision Making)
A more personal post where I overview the 10 principles I’ve developed over time to help guide my decision making. I’d always had random ideas on principles to use to determine the actions I take but formalized a list in 2016. It’s evolved ever since then. I’d encourage you to write a preliminary list of your own principles before continuing to read this post. There are no guidelines or rules for developing your own. The only characteristic of your guiding principles that matters, in my view, is that they are true to you.
Hey World – Think For Yourself And Think Different
Do you hear that? That’s your mind. It never shuts up, does it. I’ve blogged about my thoughts in the past and think that the time has come again to put them out into the universe. There’s no one listening yet but I’m doing this for me. I want to write to help clarify my thoughts on various topics.
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