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The Information Advantage – A Mental Model To Get Ahead (Part 2)
Welcome to part two of my information advantage series. Humans have looked for advantages to get ahead of others throughout history. It’s a part of our competitive nature and why we are the dominant species on the planet currently. I believe a big part of our dominance is our information advantage. What has really given us the edge has been the areas of information I’ll be discussing here: knowledge, unlearning, application, and usefulness.
The Information Advantage – A Mental Model To Get Ahead (Part 1)
My thoughts about information and how I think about it as a mental model. This is part one of a two part series where I’m exploring the topic. Having better, faster, newer, and more accurate information gives the receiver an advantage. As a competitive species we’re all looking for an edge. It’s the selfish nature of our genes that drives this competition to survive and thrive. When we are able to look at information objectively I think we discover knowledge. Information turns into knowledge and knowledge creates power. Power is having a relative advantage.

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